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Fundraising Success For Our Community School

October 1, 2014

Congratulations to Our Community School and their fantastic parent/teacher group, Panda Partners, on a very successful e-waste collection event! Planet Green Recycle had the pleasure of presenting a $500 fundraising check to Our Community School for collecting over 3,842 lbs e-waste at their recent e-waste event.

The e-waste collection had a great turnout and one of the reasons was because it was an addition to their Pancake Breakfast and Garden Workday event.

We got a chance to check out the fantastic garden that everyone had been working on all day. It was a wonderful experience to see one of the projects that can be further supported by the money raised by Our Community School’s e-waste recycling efforts. This concept of including e-waste collection to their already well-known event was a genius idea. Everyone loves pancakes, right?

Fundraising success with e-waste recycling

People were excited and eager to bring their old e-waste to a place where it would be recycled responsibly.

Through the process of getting the e-waste event planned, we had the pleasure of working with two wonderful and dedicated parents from Our Community School, Daria Lamborne and Ira Harrison. After the event, we had a couple of questions for the dynamic duo.

Planet Green: What made you want to participate in the Planet Green Recycling program?

Ira & Daria: Since our school already recycles aluminum, glass, and plastic for money, plus our new garden compost program, it was a natural fit to extend our recycling efforts with the help of Planet Green. Our parent teacher group likes to focus on easy “friendraising” that’s free for the families, so this program made a great addition to our efforts.

Planet Green: What do you think helped make your event so successful?

Daria & Ira: Planet Green made it so easy to initiate, especially since we already had a relationship established with our regular ink/toner/cell phone/etc. efforts. They supplied us with images, literature and specific information.

We marketed it to our community and the combination of Planet Green’s enthusiastic team with our marketing made it a success. We even had a pile of e-waste at the entrance of the school a few days prior to the two day event to make a big visual impact. People were excited and eager to bring their old e-waste to a place where it would be recycled responsibly with an added bonus of helping our school raise some extra funds.

People were excited and eager to bring their old e-waste to a place where it would be recycled responsibly with an added bonus of helping our school raise some extra funds.

Planet Green: What would you do differently next time you plan your e-waste collection event?

Daria & Ira: We feel so proud of our event and would definitely do it again. Next time, we would probably do more marketing, reaching out even more to the broader community outside of our school.

A huge thank you to all the kids, parents, teachers and faculty at Our Community School for choosing to work with Planet Green Recycle and for providing a wonderful source of inspiration!

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